Coole Park and Gardens, Gort, Co. Galway, Ireland
Visitor Centre at Coole Park and Gardens, Gort, Co. Galway, Ireland

  Visitor Centre
The recently restored Visitor Centre includes one of the original stables which still contains elaborate stalls for five horses. A loft overhead was used for storage of hay and also carpentry and other tools.

Across the old cobbled stable yard lies the ruins of the coach and harness rooms. A variety of coaches such as victorias, phaetons and broughams were kept here and were washed from the water pump in the centre of the yard. Grain was stored in the coach house loft and above this was the dovecote.

Water Pump  
The keeping of pigeons and doves is believed to have been a medieval tradition, though it was also known in Roman times. Up until the late 18th century, when storable root crops became popular, it was difficult to feed stock over the winter and so many of the animals had to be slaughtered before the winter. This meant that fresh meat was often scarce.

Many manor houses and monastic farms used pigeons to provide fresh meat and eggs and therefore established dovecotes especially for this purpose.

The Visitor Centre contains an audio/visual presentation, "Lady Gregory of Coole", a literary history of Coole Park, and also a multi-media exhibition, "Coole Park through the eyes of 'Me and Nu', Granddaughters of Lady Gregory". The presentations last approximately 30 minutes each.

Admission Free

Guided tours are available for groups when booked in advance. Books, maps, trail booklets, postcards and heritage cards are also on sale.

The Visitor Centre is fully accessible for visitors with disabilities.

Opening Times

5th April to 31st May
  • Daily 10am to 5pm
1st June to 31st August
  • Daily 10am to 6pm
1st September to 25th September
  • Daily 10am to 5pm (closed last weekend in September)
Tearooms : 091 631669
Open from Easter to late September

Schools wishing to book for education programmes and tour group bookings please contact centre on 091 631804 or by email

The park is open all year to the public. There is free admission to the grounds.

Coole Park and Gardens, Gort, Co. Galway, Ireland

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