The National Parks & Wildlife Service has a network of Education Centres around the country. The Education Centres aim to raise awareness of the natural world and of conservation. Some operate all year round, whilst others are seasonal. Programmes are free of charge to schools, and to the general public. Each centre offers site specific programmes, but typically, they may offer Nature Awareness programmes to primary schools and ecology and geography fieldwork to secondary schools. They may also offer special events and tours for the public.

Aims of National Parks & Wildlife Service’s Education Programme:

  • To promote respect, understanding and care for heritage and particularly for the natural world.
  • To encourage the development of environmentally friendly practices.
  • To inform the public about the National Parks and Wildlife service and their role in conservation.


At Coole Park we offer a range of programmes for schools, special family events and guided walks for groups.  

For more information or to book contact us on 091 631804 or by email  For information on programmes offered at other sites see